Ventura & Surrounding Area: PRICE INDEX HISTORICAL

A Look Back: How Ventura & Surrounding Area Homes Have Changed in Value – What’s the Risk in Your Market?

Price Index

When it comes to helping your clients make the most important financial decision of their life, your real estate knowledge and guidance is invaluable. This historical price index that details a look back at home valuations over the last year and beyond, will help you provide the important insights your clients are looking for, and a well-rounded picture of the real estate market trends in your area. Use the zip code search above to see price historical data for a specific area of interest.The historical price index for Ventura & Surrounding Area is 6.1% for the last 12 months and -0.1% for the 10-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), according to the latest housing data provided by HouseCanary.


The home price index level compared to historical long-term trend is a risk indicator. The greater the price’s distance from long term trend line, the greater the likelihood for a snapback or reversion to the long-term average. When the home price index is significantly above (or below) long-term trend this represents a signal of increased (or decreased) risk.

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